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What does the policy cover?

The TopGear Mobility insurance coverage shall be valid as long as the following conditions are complied with:

a) The lessee, in the event of a crash, shall send TopGear Mobility, within forty eight hours after the accident happened, all the data about the other party and any possible witnesses, by filling in an accident report called the ‘Declaración Amistosa de Accidente’ (Mutual Declaration of the Accident Report) stating the license plate number, the name and the address of the other party, the circumstances of the collision, a sketch of the accident, the name of the insurance company and, whenever possible, the insurance policy number, which is all signed by both the drivers involved in the accident.

b) The insurance company does not reject the claim, as a result of the lessee not driving the vehicle in the physical and mental conditions required by the Highway Code.

c) The collision, theft, fire or act of vandalism does not occur when the vehicle is being used without authorisation.

d) The lessee has informed TopGear Mobility about the crash, theft, fire or act of vandalism affecting the vehicle within forty eight hours after it happened and supplies the appropriate documentation (accident report, statement made to the authorities, etc.).


a) The damage to the inside of the vehicle.

b) Flat tyres or blowouts due to negligence by the client or unauthorized use (point 9).

c) Damage done to the clutch and the gear box.

d) The days that the vehicle is not roadworthy until it is repaired if caused by points a,b or c in this specific section of the contract.

e) The expenses incurred for the tow truck if caused by points a,b or c in this specific section of the contract.

f) Having to recharge the battery.

g) Mistakes made by filling the vehicle up with the wrong type of fuel and the damage done to the vehicle as a result of this.

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